Lijnco pin mailer, secrets safely sent

Send your secrets safely with the Lijnco pin mailer

If you want to be sure of the best security for the production and sending of your highly personal and secret messages or codes: choose the Lijnco inlay-printed pin-mailer. No other European inlay-printed pin-mailer has been tested so thoroughly and intensively and has passed them all! Lijnco is certified and has dozens of years of experience with security print products.


Pin mailer, the product

Secret codes, texts, numbers, number sequences or signs: Send them safely with the Lijnco pinmailer.


The Lijnco pin mailer knows two variants:


1. Tab printed pin mailer

The model where the code is printed on an integrated transparent paper tab. The code becomes visible when removing the tab and placing it on a white sheet.

  • Code is removed from the large sheet, is printed on a small tab


Lijnco tab printed pin mailer


Inlay printed pin mailer

2. The model where a perforate tab is removed to show the code that is printed on a transparent inlay. Place on a white sheet to clearly red the code.

  • Code remains on a large sheet


Level 4 certified


Lijnco is the only one in Europe to obtain level 4 certification for its inlay-printed pinmailer! Download the PDF below for the certification.


Approved PIN Mailer solutions january 2019


Lijnco inlay printed pin mailer


For whom?


  1. Banks and credit card companies.
  • Shipping of (new) PINs with debit / credit cards
  • Transmission of payment system passwords and internet banking


  1. Lease companies
  • Shipping codes with fuel cards
  • Shipping codes for access passes of cars or car park


  1. Government
  • Transmission of iD passwords for secure online identification
  • Transmission of codes for access passes of buildings, departments, vehicles


  1. Telecom companies
  • Sending PUK codes from mobile phones


  1. Lotteries
  • Sending a hidden code for a lottery or a game of chance


  1. Companies
  • Shipping codes for access passes of company premises, departments and cars


Why Lijnco?


Lijnco is an experienced certified specialist in the field of secured printing. Security is guaranteed from production to delivery. We have our infrastructure in order. There is a secure data environment and professional security for our premises. For years we have gained the trust of demanding (government) organizations for the production and delivery of exams, diplomas and other government documents. Lijnco has for years shown that it can handle these large and complex projects.

Want to know more or request samples?

We can assist you from concept to execution with advice on developing a pin mailer product for your organization. Would you like to know more or request some examples? Contact us at +31(0)50 - 366 99 11 or